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Schizophyllum commune is an edible mushroom grown on wood under natural conditions. cultivation of S.commune on different wood substrates since it is not commercially cultivated. A pure culture of S. commune was obtained by growing a tissue of the mushroom on Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) medium. Spawns were produced by growing the mycelium on paddy grains. Mushroom was cultivated on sawdust of seven different wood substrates. The maximum yield was observed in sawdust of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) followed by sawdust of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) and country almond (Terminalia catappa). A significant difference was not observed when mango (Mangifera indica) elephant apple (Dillenia indica), tulip wood tree (Harpullia arborea) and thungfaa (Alstonia macrophylla) sawdust used as substrate. The lowest yield was observed in thungfaa (Alstonia macrophylla) sawdust. Effect of some additives on the yield was studied and significant difference in yield was observed when rice bran and used-tea leaves used as additives. Effect of rice bran on yield was studied using different ratios of sawdust to rice bran and the highest was observed in 2:1 ratio of sawdust to rice bran. The best incubating temperature for mycelial growth on the substrate was 350C. The composition of the mushroom on a dry weight basis was; 71.4% moisture, 23.35% crude protein and 6% ash. Tested wood species are promising substrates for cultivation of S.communeas cottage industry.This mushroom is very rich in cancer Fighting Activity( CFA). To know more about Mushroom world Attend Mushroom Cultivation Training Mushroom Training Mushroom Seed Production Training Coirpith Decomposition Training Coco PeatProduction Training Mushroom Processing Training Mushroom Value added foodTraining and avail Mushroom Consultancy service At Dr Mohan Mushrooms . Dr Mohan is a Top Leading Mushroom Consultant in Tamilnadu.Dr Mohan Mushrooms conducting Mushroom Training and consultancy service In Tamilnadu Chennai Vellore Coimbatore Salem Erode Trichy Tanjure Madurai Nagercoil Tirunelveli Thoothukudi Dharmapuri Krishnagiri Hosur Kerala Trivandrum Kollam Cochin Ernakulam Palakad Calicut Karnataka Bengaluru Mysore Andhrapradesh Hyderabad Vishakapattinam and Vijayawada .Contact Dr Mohan Mushrooms forAll Your Mushroom Needs And Visit www.
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