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IMPORTANCE OF CORDYCEPS MILITARIS MUSHROOM Highly priced medicinal mushroom in the World One gram 125 -500 INR( One Kilo 2.5 lakhs--5 lakhs) Easy to cultivate in Indoor Need investment 3-5 lakhs Income 2-3 lakhs with in a period of 60 days Good medicine for major Chronic diseases Good for Heart, Lungs, Kidney, Brain, Cancer and Diabetic Good Energy Tonic Improve Immunity power Detoxifies body Good Antiaging Properties Improves Libido Activity ( Both men and women) 500-750 mgm is sufficient for one day Next Training Dates 14th October For further detail send mail to or visit GOOGLE or Visit my web site Training Venue Dr Mohan Mushrooms Madurai -625014 Mobile-9487076366 Medium of Training is in English Type Dr Mohan Mushrooms Madurai in Google map to locate my lab Reserve your seats and mint money in Dollars
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