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MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS Today, the mushroom is part of expensive cuisines in luxurious restaurants all over the world. It is also used as medication as it provides precious ingredients for modern medicine. Mushroom is also used as an effective leavening and fermentation agent in food processes. Subsequently, the mushroom has ceased to be just a wild incidental growth from decomposing material, and has taken up its place as a commercial crop. Some of the misconceptions about mushrooms are that they carry little nutritional value. However this is further from the truth. Apart from being a low calorie highly nutritional food source, mushrooms carry unique compounds such as for example an antioxidant called L-ergothioneine. Also 5 little button mushrooms contain more potassium than an orange! . TOP TEN MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS 1)Agricus blazei(murill) 2)Trametes versicolor or curious versicolor(turkey tail) 3)Innotus obliquus(chaga) 4)Phellinus linteus(sang hwang/ mesima) 5)Fomes fomentarius(tinder) 6)Schizophyllum commune(spilit gill mushroom ) 7)Flammulina velutipes(enokitake) 8)Tricholoma matsutake(matsutake) 9)Ganoderma lucidum(reishi/lingzhi) 10)Lentinus edodes(shiitake) 11)Grifola frondosa(maitake/hen of the woods) 12)Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster) For further detail contact Dr Mohan Mushrooms(9487076366) Dr MOHAN MUSHROOM TRAINING Dr Mohan Mushroom offering following training programme ONE DAY TRAINING'S(Registration Fee--Rs-1000/-) 1) Oyster and Milky Mushroom Training 2) Mushroom Post harvest and Processing Training 3)Mushroom Value Added Training 4) Coir pith Decomposition Training In all the above One Day Training only theoretical aspects will be covered . No hand on Training in all One Day programmes. FIVE DAYS TRAINING(Registration Fee-Rs-5000/-) 1) Oyster and Milky Mushroom Hand on Training 2) Mushroom Post harvest and Processing Hand on Training 3) Coir pith Decomposition Training 4) Mushroom Spawn Production Training In all Our Five Days Programmes all the activities will be covered in our Hi-Tech lab Practically. TWO DAYS TRAINING(Registration Fee-Rs-2500/-) Button Mushroom Training ( Only Theory) compost making-Spawning-Casing-and Cropping TRAINING KITS On Training day following Training kits will be provided to all Trainees 1-Book 2- Leaflets 3-Note book 4- Pen 5- Refreshment During Training STARTER PACKAGE Starter Package will be provided To all our Trainees on Concessinal rate Mushroom Spawn 2 Pkts ( Each 320 gms) Poly Bags 4 Nos Disinfectant 1 pkt All the above items will be provided @ Rs 50/- on request For further detail contact Dr Mohan Mushrooms(9487076366)
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