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Spawn Production Training

Five days Training (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) The Syllabus covered in one day training will be done practically First day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Registration Providing Training kits Types of Spawn Quality of spawn Base Spawn preparation Preparation of different type of media Sterilization of media & keeping ready for isolations Selection of mushroom for isolation Tips to select good mushroom Different Isolation methods Second day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Collections of Mushroom for isolation Keeping Inoculation room/Laminar air flow chamber ready for isolation Labeling of isolation and keeping base culture at room temperature Third day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Mother Spawn preparations Selections of base material (sorghum seeds) Boiling of sorghum Sterilization of sorghum grain and keeping ready of isolation Fourth day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Bed spawn preparation(F1) Boiling sorghum & Sterilization as above inoculation of base spawn with mother spawn base Fifth day Inoculation of mother spawn with bed spawn Methods of fumigation Maintenance of different spawn Problems and Solutions



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