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White Button Mushroom Production Training 2 days INR   0 INR  0

White Button Mushroom Production Training 2 days

White Button Mushroom Production Portions will be covered in the following aspects First day ( 10Am – 2 Pm ) Registration and providing training kits. Introduction World Scenario about Button Mushroom Nutritional Status Climate Requirement Construction of Sheds Composting Raw Material for compost Long method of compost Short method of compost Quality of compost Equipments needed for compost Doubts & Discussion Second day ( 10Am – 2 Pm ) Revision about compost Spawning method Bed maintenance What is casing Raw material needed for casing Sterilization method of casing soil Method of casing Maintenance in casing Maintenance of beds Harvest Cleaning & Packing Storage & Handling Discussion Supply of Training Kits



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