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Hand On Training To Oyster And Milky

Five days Training (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Hand On Training To Oyster and Milky First day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Processing of paddy straw Drying of paddy straw Moisture testing of substrate Second day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Moisture testing Preparation of poly bag Preparation of spawn Bed preparations Method of spawning Keep beds in spawn running room Third day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Preparation of casing soil Sterilization of casing soil Applying casing soil Keeping beds in milky mushroom shed Fourth day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Monitoring temperature and humidity Observation in spawn running and cropping room Measuring mycelia growth on different days Repetition of third day exercise Fifth day (Time 10 Am – 2Pm) Harvesting in cropping room Problems and Solutions



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