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WONDER OYSTER MUSHROOM BED Grow your Oyster Mushroom Bed at Your Home Harvest Your Highly Nutritious Oyster Mushroom @ 21st Day Eat your own Oyster Mushroom Which rich in medicinal value Say Good bye to Diabetic, Hybertension, Heart attack and Cancer Collect Your Own Mushroom @Rs 50/- Get Details Leaflet from Dr Mohan Mushrooms(9487076366) Dr MOHAN MUSHROOMS PRODUCTS Mushroom Consultancy Service Agro- Vet Farming Consultancy Turn key Projects Mushroom Cultivation Class Mushroom Cultivation Training Sippikalan Cultivation Training Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Training Milky Mushroom Class Milky Mushroom Training Milky Mushroom Cultivation Training Button Mushroom Class Button Mushroom Training Button Mushroom Cultivation Training Mushroom Seed Production Training Mushroom Spawn Production Training Mushroom Wholesaler Mushroom Retailer Sale of Base Spawn Sale Of Mother Spawn Sale of Bed Spawn Sale of Pith Plus Spawn Sale of Coir pith Spawn Sale of Mushroom Fungus Mushroom Processing Training Mushroom Value Added Food Training Coir Pith Decomposition Training Enriched Coir Pith Production Training Coco Peat Training Coco Peat Production Training Enriched Coco Peat Production Coco Peat Briquettes Production Mushroom Cultivation Equipment s Mushroom Books Mushroom cds To know more about Mushroom world Attend Mushroom Cultivation Training Mushroom Training Mushroom Seed Production Training Coirpith Decomposition Training Coco Peat Production Training Mushroom Processing Training Mushroom Value Added foodTraining and avail Mushroom consultancy service At Dr Mohan Mushrooms . Dr Mohan is a Top Leading Mushroom Consultant in Tamilnadu.Dr Mohan Mushrooms conducting Mushroom Training Mushroom Cultivation Training Mushroom Seed Production Training Mushroom Processing Training Mushroom Value Added Training Coirpith Decomposition Training Coco Peat Production Training and Mushroom Consultancy service In Tamilnadu Chennai Vellore Coimbatore Salem Erode Trichy Tanjure Madurai Nagercoil Tirunelveli Thoothukudi Dharmapuri Krishnagiri Hosur Kerala Trivandrum Kollam Cochin Ernakulam Palakad Calicut Karnataka Bengaluru Mysore Andhrapradesh Hyderabad Vishakapattinam and Vijayawada .Contact Dr Mohan Mushrooms forAll Your Mushroom Needs And Visit www. Dr Mohan Mushroom Producing huge amount of Oyster Mushroom and Milky Mushroom. Dr Mohan Mushroom Inviting Franchise To Open In Tamilnadu Kerala Karnataka And Telugana and Andhrapradesh In addition Dr mohan mushroom undertaking Turnkey mushroom projects and Turnkey Integrated Farming Structure Including Agriculture and Veterinary Projeccts we have Highly Qualified Agricultural And Veterinary Scientist we will Execute All Farm Structure with your fullest satisfactory level. We will Arrange Export Marketing Tieup.